Beach Carpet Cleaning Can Transform Your Carpet

Who Else Wants Their Grubby Carpets To Look And Smell As Good As New?

We all want great looking carpets don’t we? The feel of lovely clean, fresh carpets has a huge comfort factor doesn’t it? Beach Carpet Cleaning is a family run business based in Uckfield, Hayward’s Heath and Worthing covering all of Sussex.

Our main areas include Haywards Heath, Billingshurst, Storrington, Pulborough, Worthing, Burgess Hill, Shoreham, Uckfield, Brighton, Saltdean, Hove, Horsham, Crawley, Lewes, Crowborough, and all surrounding towns and villages throughout Sussex.

Our carpets can really suffer from the effects of general living – the kids, the dog, the dirty shoes, that accident with the red wine, just life in general will soon have your beautiful new carpet looking shabby if its not cleaned regularly.

"Thank you so much, my carpet looks new again & the wine stain is no more, I will be recommending you". Mr H - Tonbridge

And your upholstery.  How does your lovely comfy sofa look these days? Is it a little the worse for wear? We can breathe new life into your upholstery with our amazingly deep cleaning – why consider a new one when the old one (which is probably much better quality) could be easily cleaned for you to be proud of it once again.  How would it be to relax on your beautiful sweet smelling and smart, newly cleaned sofa?

Don’t even think of replacing your carpets or your sofas until you have spoken to us to see what we can do for you.  You will be very surprised at our reasonable prices, the quality of our work and the courtesy and integrity of our service.  In an age where service doesn’t seem to count for much anymore, you can rely on us to give you the great service you deserve.

Have you just moved to a new house or flat? Wouldn’t you like to know that there is no evidence of the previous owners left in the carpets? That they are all clean and fresh for you, to welcome you to your new home?  It’s inexpensive and easy – just give us a call.

Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

This rug had been professionally vacuumed for ten minutes it was then turned face down and vacuumed for one minute.

What you can see is the dry dirt and soil that was trapped deep down in the pile and only released when we vacuumed the reverse of rug and beaten by the vacuum cleaners roller. In the old days rugs and carpets would have been taken outside and beaten to achieve this result!!!

Have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly.

"Beach Carpet Cleaning - Competent and efficient with good results. At last we have found a carpet cleaning company who we can instruct/recommend knowing that all instructions will be dealt with courteously and efficiently and any prior queries or concerns can be discussed with the professional who provides best practice advice - highly recommended". Janie Binney - Binney Barnes Property Consultants

Are you happy for your beautiful new baby to be crawling around on grubby carpets? Wouldn’t you feel much better knowing that your baby can’t pick up anything dirty or harmful from your carpets? Our deep cleaning and allergy treatments will ensure that your babies and toddlers are fully protected.  We can even stain guard the carpet to help you deal with their own little spillages!

We all love our pets don’t we, but they too can add to the odour level and dirtiness of a carpet.  A doggy smelling carpet isn’t a nice welcome for your visitors, so why not spruce them up! We can also spray your carpets for insect eradication, so if he brings in any unwelcome visitors, like fleas, they won’t last for long if they jump ship!

Why not give us a call right now and find out what we can do for you – we can promise you great service, a super result and it’s a whole lot cheaper than getting new carpets or upholstery – You have nothing to lose but a nearly new carpet to gain.

Contact us for a no obligation quote that could transform your home!



After the 'Beach' treatment

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